Grassroots key in Queensland race resurgence

Wednesday 27 March, 2019
The 2019 CAMS Queensland Circuit Racing Championship is ready for a big year of racing

The 2019 CAMS Queensland Circuit Racing Championship is ready for a big year of racing after more than 180 entrants registered for a place in the season opener. 

Hosted by the MG Car Club Of Queensland (MGCCQ) at Morgan Park on the last weekend of March, the opening round will include a variety of staple categories such as Hyundai Excels and Production Sports Cars.

The club will also welcome back SuperKarts to the fold after a 12-month absence from the Championship, as well as the Queensland TransAms & Queensland Production Cars which is a fan favourite in Queensland.  

With the MGCCQ running race meetings for more than 40 years, club spokesman Gary Goulding was thrilled with the large interest in the event, once of the largest in the club’s recent history.

“The amount of entries caught us a little by surprise but we are really excited with the result,” Goulding said. 

“We were a bit hesitant as to how it was going to unfold but we are very pleased with the way the categories have responded. This many competitors makes it a very big event for Queensland.

"Having Superkarts return after a 12 month absence and the inclusion of the TransAms, a category which is like a big American good old boys NASCAR is always nice.

“We are just really excited about the running of this event but more importantly, we are especially happy with the resurgence of state championship racing in Queensland."

With the Championship seeing one of its biggest entry lists in recent times, Goulding puts the growth in numbers down to the resurgence of key facets of Australian motor sport.

“There are a lot of reasons as to why the interest has grown but I think it is the resurgence of grassroots motor sport which has to be the biggest one,” Goulding explained.

“The Hyundai Excels and Productions cars are helping young kids who are fresh out of karting get involved in motor sport, in a category where the costs can be contained.

“We also have a lot of females interested in the sport as of late and there will be a fair few in the Excels this weekend, so it is something to look forward to.

“The strong numbers will have a flow on effect for the remainder of the Queensland Championship because once they see how fantastic the event was, I think we will continue to have more people taking part amongst the categories.” 

With action to begin from 8am on both days, spectators are encouraged to get the event early with admission prices costing $20 per day and free for children under 16.

The CAMS Queensland Circuit Racing Championship’s first round takes place at Morgan Park on 30-31 March.