Ricciardo's Racers launches into 2019

Saturday 16 March, 2019
Ricciardo's Racers has launched for 2019.

Ricciardo’s Racers 2019 dates have been confirmed with CAMS ambassador Daniel Ricciardo on hand at the Formula 1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix to launch this year’s program.

As part of the launch, four Ricciardo’s Racers graduates got the opportunity to pose with their hero in the CAMS tent at Albert Park.

Ricciardo’s Racers teaches 12 to 17-year-olds the basics of motor sport and build their skills through fun driving exercises in their own car under the guidance of experienced coaches.

The goal of the CAMS’ initiative is to give young kids the chance to progress to participate in club level events and work their way into motor sport.

Also on hand at Saturday’s launch was young Tasmanian sensation Alex Peroni, who will compete in the FIA’s newest category, the 2019 FIA Formula 3 Championship.

As a young up and coming driver himself, Peroni was supportive of the program, believing it connects more young people to the sport.

“It would have been incredible having Ricciardo’s Racers when I was growing up,” Peroni said.

“It connects kids more to motor sport and Formula 1 and builds the interest in the sport for future generations and gives them a lot more inspiration.

“Having an ambassador like Daniel Ricciardo is really good because he is such a good inspiration for young kids and hopefully we will see a big influx of people as a result of the program.

“That is where the future of motor sport is; it’s in the grassroots and getting people into it and CAMS does a great job with it.”

Following the success of the 2018 program, this year will see more sessions take place across the year, with 11 events taking place across the country.

Victoria will host four events throughout the year, starting with the first one in April at Sandown Raceway, while New South Wales will hold three sessions in 2019.

Western Australia, Queensland, Tasmania and South Australia have one session each for 2019, as the Bend Motorsport Park hosts the final session for the year in November.

Of the 11 sessions, nine will be dedicated to the level one and two courses, focusing on the fundamentals of car control and car control in the wet.

Victoria’s Winton Raceway and Luddenham Raceway in New South Wales will host the only level three sessions in 2019.

One of the lucky Ricciardo’s Racers participants to meet Daniel Riccardo at the launch was young Louise Gouveia who benefited from taking part in a session last year.

“Doing Ricciardo’s Racers is just a really good experience and I loved it,” Gouveia said.

“I really enjoyed it because I got to learn a lot of things about driving and get an actual race car driver in the car with me to teach me.

“It was great because they’re the coaches helpful and they just help you a lot and teach you a lot of things you should know about racing.”

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Full 2019 Schedule

13 April - Sandown - Level 1+2

18 May - Sydney Motor Sport Park - Level 1+2

13 July - Sandown - Level 1+2

17 July - Barbagallo Raceway - Level 1+2

31 August - Winton Raceway - Level 3

21 September - Sandown - Level 1+2

23 September - Norwell Motorplex - Level 1+2

3 October - Sydney Motor Sport Park - Level 1+2

4 October - Luddenham Raceway - Level 3

12 October - Baskerville Raceway - Level 1+2

16 November - The Bend Motorsport Park - Level 1+2