Cobra Owners Club full of spirit

Thursday 14 March, 2019
The Melbourne Cobra Owners Club can be located at gate five at the Albert Park Grand Prix Circuit.

The Melbourne Cobra Owners Club might not be the biggest car club in Australia, but what the 20-year-old club lacks in numbers, they certainly make up for in spirit.

As one of the selected Victorian clubs lucky enough to have the opportunity to be on show at the Formula 1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix 2019, the 60-member club, located near gate five at the Albert Park circuit are certainly enjoying the attention.

This year will be the club’s fourth time on show at Albert Park in the past five years, with the display highly dependent on the weather due to the vehicle’s convertible design.

Despite being on the national stage, the club remain humble about the exposure with club member Tim Kemp revealing they treat the display the same as any other events they do. 

“We have been blessed with good weather this year and it’s a really nice feeling seeing people come to have a look at the cars,” Kemp said.  


“I personally like to get people involved, get them to sit in the car if they’re interested, take a photo and answer any questions they have.

“Even the kids, I like getting them in the cars because that’s our next generation of car enthusiasts right there.

“While it’s special being at the Grand Prix, we treat it like any other event and for us, it’s more about getting out there and having a bit of fun with the cars.”

Outside of the Formula 1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix 2019, the club holds a variety of runs throughout the state, barbecue breakfasts, car shows and once a year they race the at the Cobra Nationals in Golburn.

With many car enthusiasts often stopping to admire the cars in any situation, Kemp is proud to be part of a car club that encourages people from all walks of life to get involved.

“Everything about the Cobra is fantastic and they’re just a good looking car,” Kemp explained.

“It doesn’t really matter if you’re a fan of Holden, Ford or Ferrari, they’ve just got that look and I constantly have people come up to me to look at the car.

“If anyone ever decides they want to get a Cobra, they should look us up and we can help out with sourcing cars, source someone to help build one for them or even just offer a wealth of knowledge because we enjoy it.

“However they are not cheap if I am honest, the cars range from anywhere between $50,000 and $200,000, depending on what type of car you get.”

With the car club slowly growing in membership, Kemp also revealed how beneficial it was being CAMS affiliated.

“There are many benefits being a CAMS member, especially on the insurance side of things,” Kemp added.

“We’re covered as we take our cars to events like this and we get promoted out there, as well as coming across a few different events that we may not have been aware of.”

The Melbourne Cobra Owners Club’s will be available to visit at the Formula 1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix 2019 all weekend, with the display near turn five.