Geneva gathering successful for FIA delegates

Friday 22 February, 2019
Hundreds of motor sport experts from around the world have recently attended FIA sanctioned training programs in Geneva to continue the development of the sport.

Hundreds of motor sport experts from around the world have recently attended FIA sanctioned training programs in Geneva to continue the development of the sport.  

Kicking off the annual FIA International Stewards Programme, the FIA hosted the third edition of the Race Directors Seminar which had 120 attendees from the FIA’s championships and international series, 78 of which were race directors themselves. 

With representative from around the world, CAMS’ Tim Schenken, Michael Masi and David Stuart attended the Race Directors Meetings, while Steve Lisk and Colin Trinder joined Stuart and Masi for the three-day Stewards programme. 

Kicking off the seminar, FIA Director of Formula One, Charlie Whiting discussed personal anecdotes as a race director before moving onto the latest International Sporting Code changes and the implications those changes will have on motor sport.

The Seminar then focused on practical case studies allowing race directors from a wide range of disciplines to share their insights, concluding what Whiting believes was a valuable learning experience for race directors all around the world. 

“The FIA Race Director Seminar has evolved into an extremely valuable platform for sharing our experiences and encouraging fresh thinking,” Whiting explained.

“There is always something new we can learn, and certainly from the insights provided by the many seasoned professionals assembled here and the different perspectives they bring from motor sport activities all around the world.”

The following day, the hugely popular three-day International Stewards Programme took over the venue, educating stewards from across the broad spectrum of motor sport disciplines. 

Opening up with chairpersons of the stewards from various FIA World Championships presenting the core tools at the disposal of the stewards and how these tools should be properly used, presentations from the FIA Governance, Integrity and Regulatory Affairs Department, the FIA Safety Department and various FIA Sporting Department then took place. 

On the second and third days of activities, real-life case scenarios and high-profile incidents from the previous 12 months became the centre of discussions with interactive recreations of the stewards’ deliberations and decisions also being played out. 

Attending the event as an observer, Formula 1 driver Max Verstappen took part in a number of the interactive case study sessions which enabled him to get an understanding of the challenges faced by the Stewards at every race meeting. 

“We are doing our job on the track, trying to get the best out of the race, and it’s clear that the stewards are doing their job to find the best way to reach a fair decision,” Verstappen said. 

“It’s been a good lesson for me and I’ve learned a lot, both in my day in Marrakesh, which I really enjoyed and which gave me a good understanding of the stewards, and now here – I think it’s also good to be a part of this event.”

In attendance for both programs was CAMS FIA delegate Garry Connelly, who also holds the role of Chairman of the International Stewards Programme Organising Committee.

Following the productive weekend, Connelly was thrilled the program’s success, lauding all those who were in Geneva participating in the programme.

 The goal we have set out with this Programme is to continue to develop the global pathway for stewards, and to bring up the most talented stewards from the ASNs up to international level,” Connelly said.

“This event wouldn’t happen without the attendance of the stewards, and it’s fantastic to have had around 200 people participating over the last three days and I’m very grateful to see such enthusiasm for the Programme. 

“I’d like to also thank all of the members of the organising committee, all our speakers and staff who made the event possible.”