The Difference of CAMS Club Challenge Australia

Club Challenge Australia is unlike any other motorsport event. It’s a team event that is not about outright speed - but rather being able to post your quickest time, and then prove it wasn’t a fluke.

Each team will comprise of three to five car club members, who will spend the day competing in a speed event. We’ll take each individuals fastest two times and calculate the time gap between them to three hundredths of a second. The same will happen for your team mates. The team’s three smallest time gaps will be added together to produce the total team result. 

All the team’s totals will be ranked against each other lowest to highest, with the top three teams of each State round taking home prize money and bragging rights for their club.

2019 Calendar

25 MayBaskervilleLCCTTASClosed
22 JuneCollingroveSCCSASAClosed
22 SeptemberBryant ParkGCCVICClosed
5 OctoberMt CottonMGCCQQLDClosed
1 DecemberPhils HillMSWWA 

How to enter

• Entries for the Club Challenge close approximately one week prior to each state's scheduled event.
• The entry fee will be $300 per club, payable online, which includes lunch for all team members.
• The team nomination form must be submitted by the team manager for the team entry to be complete. 

Club Eligibility

All competing clubs must be current and affiliated members of the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport.

Competitor Eligibility

Club competitors must be current and financial members of their respective club for 2019, and hold a CAMS Speed/Speed Junior Licence or above.

A competitor can only compete for one affiliated club.


About the new Club Challenge Australia format

How has the results system changed?
Why have we changed the way the results are calculated in the Club Challenge?
When will the new results system come into effect?
We aren’t familiar with this results system, where has it come from?
Why not move to regularity?
Why do you just take the three smallest time differences? In a team of more than three some team members results won't count towards the final total?
Will vehicles still need to be classed?
How would a tie be broken?

Club Challenge Documents